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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New School for the new tricks


Okay so, like what I said before. I already move to the new school and it has just started hehe... Different things from my old school are no choreography, more to the tricks learning, no split warm up (or maybe not yet), more to the core and strength warm up. My old school more to the flexibility warm up tho ^.^ 

And here is my new trick from my first class:
"Gold Lush"

"Gold Lush"
Looks scary? Hmmm actually is not, easier than Superman I think hehe and less painful for me :P
Btw, I get back my injury with the same place and the same pain  and I still keep fighting with that. Because I want to be strong! T.T

Excuse for my sunburn skin hehe If you want to know why, you can follow me on my INSTAGRAM or my BLOG


"Small progress is still a PROGRESS"

Good Luck!

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