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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Amateur Night 2015 Bobbis Pole Studio Singapore


Sorry for being MIA for so long. I have been so busy with my work and was with my pole competition. As some of you know that I have been active into pole life pretty sometimes already. That's why to celebrate welcoming back of me on pole after resting since Bobbi's Affair 2014, I decided to join my virgin pole competition ever. Thank you for being so supportive and yes I was resting all my injuries not to get the other injuries become worse or permanent injury.

To be honest I am really glad that I joined. I still miss the time when I practice together with my pole buddies and everyone being so helpful and supportive between each other. Feel so lovely with pole sisterhood.

It's never been easy when a lot of people keep judging me and talk bad about me because I am doing pole dancing as my new hobby now which I find it so hard to learn and also fun.
If you didn't get a chance to watch me on that night. You don't have to worry, because you can watch it from my youtube chanel:

Thank you for coming and watch me. I love you all :)

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

True Story of being Poledancer (MY STORY)


Not many people know how struggle are we as poledancer. At studio or even as per normal our life (not related with pole or gymnastic life). Yes, we are still normal actually, just normal people didn't see us as normal person LOL

The most question what they like to throw to us. Honestly, I give high RESPECT to the stripper. Why not? Hey, why do you need to judge someone just for what they do. I don't! I will judge you for your own personality, not what you do. Your action will make a judgement for my action too.
Since then for sure they keep calling me "Hey STRIPPER!" Well I don't have to get angry. I saw the real stripper, they were nice person. For me, everyone has they own story. They even have a better personality of caring they friend like one of their family. I believe that human who can think better has a better personality. So I don't give a shit for what people think of me. It's my freedom to learn and get stronger.

2. Struggle with those tricks that need the flexibility and strength
Pole Community is not as big as the other communities. But well said that we are more like a family. We share and care between each other. We need spotter and judges to get out trick become better and better. Most of our talk all about tricks, splits, boobs, butt, muscles and hair flips (actually more than this but I don't want to mention :P hehe )
I remember how struggle I was with my first invert. Even though I already passed that phase, I still struggle with a lot of things. Always has something new to learn. It was so much fun and still so much fun for me.
Psstttt.... POLEDANCE is ADDICTION for sure hahaha
Our addiction can be a creepy for some people. Here is some of the example below:
Hello there!

Hello #polelunatica #balance
Posted by Pole Lunatica on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

3. I can't fit with my old clothes
This is my struggle since I gain muscles. I change my top to loose top and without hands cutting design because it will feel so thigh on my shoulder and arms. I keep complaining about my boobs because its flatten ;( Why oh Why??? Yet even most of my friends said I have nice butt now, most of them didn't know that I can't fit to my old pants, thigh jeans, and skirt anymore. I can't fit in my butt anymore and I need to change it with a lot of stretchable legging or pants.
Stretchable clothes are my favorite choice now 

4. Don't complain about all bruises, scars, injuries and my new SMELLS
Hahahaha when normal people see me, they think that I get abuse by my boyfriend. My parents complain about my scars, said that I didn't look like a girl anymore. They think I become a fighter or something with some gangster hmmm... Doctor complains about "how many injuries that you want to have?" And friends (not poledancer obviously) will complain my new smells because it's koyo and balsam smells (brand: SALONPAS, TIGERBALM, PANAFLEX or ARNICARE). We do stock more on ice pad or heat pad for all our injuries hahahaha  

There's a lot that I want to share. But I think you will fed up to read it so yeahhh... I stop it till here first at the moment hehehe

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Studio Sands Singapore


For you all in Singapore that love to experience pole studio. Now we have new comers and I suggested you to try this place. Most of the pole dance studio only available for female, but Studio Sands also available for male. Wohoooo.... Hello guys!!! :D

Me with the owner Yudan and Sandra :D

Studio Sands base on the passion from 2 beautiful sexy ladies, Sandra and Yudan. Both of them think that pole dancing is an escape from our everyday routine, a chance to lose yourself in every practice, where all worldly stress are left outside the closed doors of our studio.
On their studio with 3x 40 mm, 5x 45 mm and 1x 48mm silicone pole to choose based on a first come first serve basis. So all just your choice :)

The place are just so lovely, and clean. I think you will love it as I do :)

Terms are start on 27th September 2014. From 100SGD for 4 lessons over a month.
Visit STUDIO SANDS to book your class now!

What courses that they bring and become unique?

Beginner tide 1
You’re new to pole? Great! Here is the course for you! Through a simple routine, you will learn basic pole spins, how to efficiently climb and sit on the pole. At the end of the course, you should feel your body becoming leaner in preparation for what is to come in Beginner tide 2.
Beginner tide 2
Through this course, you get to really feel the pole and understand basic moves which form the basis of higher level tricks. Pole climbs, sits, layback, handstands and spins will be incorporated into a fun sassy routine. Look at the world at a whole new angle as you are introduced to inverts in Beginner tide 2.
Intermediate tide 1
Feel the music and express yourself as you twirl around a spinny pole. In this course, you will learn to invert from the ground into a spin, on both left and right sides of the pole, ensuring equal development of strength on both sides of your body. You would be comfortable with both inside and outside leg hangs at this level and move on to aerial moves which build the foundation for transitions into higher level tricks.
Intermediate tide 2
Congratulations on getting so far in your pole journey! Push on and impress yourself and your friends as you perform more sophisticated moves with grace and fluidity. Routines now involve tricks much higher on the pole with spin climbs into aerial inverts. Imagine moves that will transform yourself into a butterfly resting on a branch or a dragon wrapped around a branch.
Intermediate tide 3
You pick up familiar tricks here performed by your favorite pole idols. Think jade splits, allegra, ayesha and the likes. Through a routine, you not only learn the moves, you’ll also learn transitions between tricks to ensure a well-rounded performance.
Advanced tide 1
Hey sexy, you have probably well-developed muscles by now and are strong enough to start on tricks which require you to support your weight solely on your arms such as twisted grip Ayesha and handsprings.
This course will bring you to greater heights than ever before. Basically, you learn some more tricks that you can see your favorite idols doing. You are a pole star. You can be considered competition ready upon graduation from this course, with so many tricks and transitions under your belt.
Advanced tide 2
Of course, being strong is only part of the requirements of being a pole dancer, flexibility and grace are equally important too! Tricks at this level require a combination of the both. Not for the faint hearted, the course involves moves such as the Russian split, iron x and janerio.
A course customized for the people who have the tricks but would like to express something that is within them. As compared to lyrical pole, this does not focus on nice lines, execution or musicality of the routine but rather your ability to convey the emotions you want to portray.
Doubles / Couples Pole
Trust in a friend or a partner as you learn to perform tricks that require synchronization, leveraging on each other's weight to create beautiful shapes and lines. This unisex course is for friends as well as couples.
To all guys: Throw away all social stigma. We promise we will make you look cool with handstands and shoulder mount cartwheels that all your pals will be so envious. It'll be a blast!
Choreography Class
Simply because you are unique and you don't want to conform. Join this class to learn a choreography to your favourite song and caters to your strengths.
Kpop Pole Routine
Crazy about kpop? Exude the charm of your kpop idols while working it out on the pole with routines that simply bring out the inner diva in you. Think ‘first love’ by after school.


Early bird, sign up for any course before 13th September 2014  and receive 20SGD off your course fee. Key in: EARLYBIRD when checking out your purchase.

Terms of 'Early Bird' promotion
Please key in code "EARLYBIRD" when prompted for discount code during check-out. Promotion will end on 13 September 2014. Price of S$120 for a Mini-term course will be charged from 14 September onwards. Confirmation of courses are based on payment. Your course is only confirmed after we've received payment and sent you a receipt.

Introduce a friend, bring along your friend October -mini term and you will enjoy 20SGD off the 4 weeks course. Key in: INTROFRIEND when checking out your purchase.

Terms of 'Introduce a friend' promotion
To qualify, you must sign up together with a friend for courses (can be the same course or a separate course).
Step 1: Please key in the full name of your friend in step 1 of the check out process under 'additional comments'.
Step 2: Please key in code "INTROFRIEND" when prompted for discount code during check-out.
Once we have verified that both you and your friend have signed up for the course and payment has been made, we will send you an official receipt that you have successfully registered.

Have Fun Polers !!!

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Forearm Stand for the First Time


Have tried to figure it out for quite sometimes. But couple days ago, amazingly I can do it for the first time with a little cheat from elbow stand.
So happy about that. More way to go for my baby step Yeayyyy!!! Hehehe...

Any suggestion how to do the proper one? I really need to figure it out how to do not from elbow stand.

Another good story is on my way on the posting. Stay tune :D

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♥ Ladies Journal ♥: Pole Photoshoot with ASIAN IMPRESSIONS Part 2

♥ Ladies Journal ♥: Pole Photoshoot with ASIAN IMPRESSIONS Part 2: ♥ HELLO LOVE  ♥ This is our first time to collaborate about pole photoshoot. I had so much fun too as usual for sure :) Nothing fa...


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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A prove that you were sober after party - Handstand


All of us ( pole dancer of course ), we practice like crazy for headstand, elbow stand, and handstand. 
I had a party the night before till morning ( I think I reached home around 7am ). And I went for quick sleep before heading for my pole practice (BA practice ).
I woke up and take shower and I had extra 15 minutes before left home for practicing. So I used that to prove it that I am totally sober (someone gave me a little alcohol so I need to make sure I am not drunk at all LOL ). Here are the result for sober all day except tired. I manage to get it at least 2-3 second.
Not bad haha better than nothing I think :P

The progress that I made for my handstand!!! Yeayyy!!!!

The theory I think I should drink more so maybe I get drunk I can do better than this. Just kidding hahaha

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

10 Reasons Why You Should Try Pole Dance


Everyone knows that exercise is a cheap way to stay fit and healthy life. But why Pole Dance? I will tell you why since I already falling in love pretty long time since I started it hehe

10 Reasons why you should try pole dance:

1. Keep fit and healthy
So, pole dance is not an easy thing to do, even a lot of people still stick with their mind with exotic dance ( still it is hahaha and I love it ) How it can keep your body still fit and healthy? Once you try it, you will understand because it need all your body muscle to work on it for every movement and tricks. All your body will need those muscle and strength.

2. Makes your body more flexible
Dance need to be flexible enough, yes pole dance too for sure. Pole dance without splits? Oh dear! Not for me, I still work on it but sure I will achieve that splits. Because I want all those tricks to do by myself one day hahaha That's why all pole dance always go to gym, yoga, flexible class, or pilates or any kind of things that can help to improve our body flexibility and strength.

3. Do you love muscle?
Yes, we do love muscles now. I feel sexy with those muscle lol Some of us not purposely wanna built that muscle but since we train a lot so we do have it now.

4. Sexy and hot body
Oh who doesn't love it! I do love it. I love my self more than before and yeah I still work on it with all those body roll, etc etc hahaha Really! Pole dance really helps my body keep in shape and especially my tummy. I wasn't have flat tummy and S-line shape. But yeah I do have now #fuckyeahbaby

5. More confidence
You will love your new life on pole dance and it also help you to build your confidence because you will try to respect and see all those improvement into your body and you will feel good by the time.

6. Release Stress
When you understress, pole dance will helps you to release it. You will want to come for classes or pole practice. At least meet friends and learn new things. Another ambiance that you won't feel alone. Exercise is the good way to release your stress and transfer your anger or stress energy to work out for your body.

7.  Good reason for being sexy, naughty, and hot
Good reason and good place for doing something fun with sexy and hot. So we have the reason to buy sexy and hot clothes or underwear or bikinis or sexy heels hehehe

8. More than just a normal workout
Because pole dancer also need to balance them selves on the pole especially. For every single thing that you can achieve, you will feel so happy and you want to try more and more. Or even you want to try the new things, even harder. 

9. There’s an immediate reward for your effort
I’m not saying you’ll get a six pack after one lesson. No. I’m saying that each time you put effort into pole dancing, you are almost instantly rewarded. At the start of a class you can’t do a fireman spin. One hour later, you can. Unlike many forms of exercise in which you create generic or distant goals, such as ‘to win a tournament’ or ‘to run for half an hour’, in pole there’s always a new move that’s just within reach. This leads us straight into the next reason pole dancing is great exercise…

10. It’s fun and exciting
This has become somewhat of a cliché in recent times. But guess why? Because it’s TRUE! And because people can’t stop talking about it. Pole dancing is so much fun that you truly want to turn up to class and exercise! This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons women flock to pole as a form of fitness, and also the reason why so many stick to it! The same can be said about many styles of dance, of course – which is why dancing (pole or otherwise) is my favourite form of exercise.


Because pole dancing is so enjoyable and rewarding, it quickly becomes an addiction! Your self-esteem sky-rockets, you feel great, you look great – and the sweet taste of victory quickly becomes addictive.

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