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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Reasons why I am falling in love with Pole Dance!


I know that so many of you already know what is pole dance. Pole dance is not anymore stripper stereotype now day. A lot of people already open minded with it. Now days, pole dance already become one of favorite fitness to choose. Why now?

1. Strength to be stronger
One of sport that need strength and you become stronger time by time. Before I joined pole dance, I can not do push-up even for once. Now? Try me! At least 10 times maybe I already can do it. It totally increase your strength with those pull-up, some massive arms and core strength.

2. Flexibility
I wasn't flexible at all before I join. I even can't do splits, or any flexible stuff. To prepare yourself, take a long warm-up, any gym or yoga class which can help to get your flexibility faster. I am doing it almost every night if I have time after working. It takes me sometimes for it but didn't realise when I did splits, my friend told me that I almost touch the floor ( it was long long time ago )

3. Appreciate your own body
I realise that I become the one who appreciate my own body now. Trying to get healthy and take care my own body shape. Which I feel hotter and sexier now Lol... Why not? All single kind of dance has their own sexy movement with those musics. And pole dance is also one of that. It is really bring my feminism, sensuality, and sexy.

4. Fun
I never find pole dance is not fun at all. Why? Because I never feel boring with it. No new trick? It's okay! Me and my friends even my star-crush always love to make fun on it! How? Let's do booty dance! Or maybe twerking hahaha... Or just doing some sexy legs while floorworks! Pole dancer knows it so well! Hahaha

Those  4 points from my opinion that really brings me so happy for every class that I joined in. I can forget my sadness on the class and changed it with smiles and laughthers. I always looking forward for the next class. With those sexy move, and new tricks hehehe... 

See you all soon!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Double Knee Hold Achievement


New term with the new tricks. So many things happened and I haven't post or blog about it. I was too busy ☺️

Okay first of all I manage to do double knee hold. And yes it's so pain. Super pain for real 😂😂😂
Wohoooo!!! Totally proud of my self with my achievement.

Tips how to do this? 
1. Brace yourself and enjoy the pain
2. Hang your leg higher, any side which are more comfortable for you to hold
3. Place your opposite knee to the pole. Not into your bones, but more to your knee
4. Lean back your body and lower it your body, so it will be balance yourself and less painful

If you want to know how I did, just go to my instagram @polelunatica . I posted the video over there ☺️

Good Luck!

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Bobbi's Amateur Night 2014


It has been so long that I didn't post or blog it here. But hey I do update it on my instagram hehehe... So you may want to check it there as well!

Bobbi's Amateur Night Semi Final 2014:

It was a great night to spend with "Back to School" Theme ^.^ We had goodies with my childhood candies yeayyy  hehehe I totally miss that time.

Bobbi's Amateur Night Final 2014:

I really proud to my friend Adeline that she joined until final! Not about winning it but more to how she goes till this far.

pole sisters
What I want to say actually I really enjoy the night on that competition. So much fun and laughter. Great shows for sure! Awesome competitors that I really adore and so salute to them ^.^ Strong and brave! We all really had so much fun with those "80's Style" Theme ^.^

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