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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Story Line for Being a Newbie Pole Dancer


This is my first post on this blog. So I will let you know my story line about me being a pole dancer.
I started it on November 2012 with all up and down. I have been on the good and bad experience with all the pain. With pain, I learn more and now pain become my friend not my enemy anymore. Pain, teaches me how to be strong and better. But on the bad conditions, pain makes me stop for recovering and need to start over again and again. Pro and con about that and also about being a pole dancer it self.
I know that a lot of people being so prejudice to judge all the pole dancer. But for my self, it's a challenge. And pole is become one of my favorite work out now. Why? It is proven my belly and shape of my body being a little bit nicer than before. Learn to be strong and flexible on the same time.

I just back to pole again now because a lot of injured that I got and some still very pain.

Here are some of my photo's tricks since I started :

"Invert-V open legs"
This trick is my first trick that I love it until I got the injured at Intermediate 1 after my Beginner class. The injured it self because I did too much Invert.
And then I need to struggle with my Intermediate 1 for 1 month until I can do invert-V again.
I need to repeat my Intermediate 1 on that time because I can't do the good invert. I felt so upset but now I feel so glad that I repeat. Because it makes my invert become so much better. I also took the Technique 1 on the same time with my Intermediate 1 repeated.

Come to the intermediate 2 I learned a lot of trick, and it was so much fun. And here are my first trick at Intermediate 2 which I was so happy can did it so smoothly hehe

Near to the end of Intermediate 2, I learned some tricks from youtube myself. Also keep practicing all the new trick that I know and I like for sure ^.^

For this trick, I saw it from Youtube. I attempt to do it without holding my leg now. Hopefully someday I can make it ^.^

This Superman trick is one of the freaking painful trick that I have ever learned. Gosh! Pain like a bitch!
Don't you see that I am trying to smile in this photo? LOL
Layback is my scary trick for the first time. I have no confident to do too much layback trick. Damn scary for me :p
"Lay Back"

And here are the one not on the class trick too. I saw someone did it on Instagram and I tried it. So easy actually hehe
Fooling around with Spiderman style LOL
Honestly, I can't remember most of the trick names but hell yeahhh who cares! As long as I can do it hahaha...

I didn't post all the tricks that I have did but mostly yeahhhh ^.^ Hope you all not upset about that, because I need to practice more and more to be better.

And I just move to the other school and I got this easy trick to learn. The class just started ^.^

Excuse for my ugly face hehe , you can follow me on my INSTAGRAM or my BLOG


"Small progress is still a PROGRESS"

Good Luck!

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