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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Bobbi's Pole Studio : Amateur Night 2013


So, like what I mentioned before that I will come to support my friends on their performing. And I did it last night. The night was so crowd and so much fun from every single competitors ^.^
They are such a babe. They are cute. They are awesome. They are so entertaining. They are sexy. They rock the night for sure.

Yes. It happened at Avalon, MBS last night.

OOTD Last Night
Before everything become so hot ^.^

And I present you all the opening from my instructors. They are super HOT babes! ^.^ Love them!

From the videos, you can hear me keep screaming and cheering them up. Because they are super gorgeous babe ^.^

It's too awesome to express how was last night. You must come and see by your self and experience it by your self. Such a very great night.
They performed it very well.

All the contestants

Here are me and my friends:

And here are the winner on that night:

Congratulations to our Amateur Night 2013 winners!

Pink category:
1) Kim
2) Charlene
3) Li Leng

Gold category:
1) Eunice
2) Serene
3) Claris

Best costume: Claire

It was a very nice fun night.
I will come back again for sure. ^.^
and Everyone did the great one!

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