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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pole Level 5 at Groove Pole Studio


Sorry for being so long time didn't update. But actually I tried to update it on my instagram and I made the Instagram special for pole-ing ^.^

Okay, so what I learned on pole level 5 at groove?

1. Aerial Chopper

2. Scorpio 

3. Gemini
4. Gold Lush ( see my previous post )
5. Symphony 

Check here how to do the Symphony : http://instagram.com/p/d_jX4gxRGJ/

6. Dragon 

7. Half Split High Hang 

Half Split High Hang
8. Single Knee Hold 
Single Knee Hold
9. Flat Line 

Flat Line
10. Catterpilar 

11. Butterfly 


 And the rest of this pictures are my random tricks lol

For more details you can find it on my youtube, or instagram hehe

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