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Friday, May 2, 2014

Bobbi's Amateur Night 2014


It has been so long that I didn't post or blog it here. But hey I do update it on my instagram hehehe... So you may want to check it there as well!

Bobbi's Amateur Night Semi Final 2014:

It was a great night to spend with "Back to School" Theme ^.^ We had goodies with my childhood candies yeayyy  hehehe I totally miss that time.

Bobbi's Amateur Night Final 2014:

I really proud to my friend Adeline that she joined until final! Not about winning it but more to how she goes till this far.

pole sisters
What I want to say actually I really enjoy the night on that competition. So much fun and laughter. Great shows for sure! Awesome competitors that I really adore and so salute to them ^.^ Strong and brave! We all really had so much fun with those "80's Style" Theme ^.^


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