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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Pole Passion at Jakarta Indonesia


When people says that pole dancer is a stripper. I take it easy as a joke. Life with passion on it just nice that way. I give a big respect to the strippers for sure. Why? same concept with all works. So hardworking with those sweat and pain. I respect all kind of work. I am not a stripper for sure. But pole dance is one of my fitness work out which is not that easy.

So, I went to Indonesia Pole Dance Association at Kemang, Jakarta, Indonesia. I been through Vicky's class and yes people in there are so nice and warm welcoming. I really so happy for how warm they were to me.

1 hour totally not enough. I should come often and learn more from them :)
Vicky tough me the new trick, "Buddha Sit"

I didn't have a chance to take the picture in there for this trick but I practice it while I am back Singapore for pole practice. Hell yeah! I still can make it ^.^

Not forgetting to give my small audience a little show which I learned my self from youtube before.

Thank you for my audiences Tina and Venny for your kindness and video.
Thank you to Vicky, Mamethoo, and Junko for the nice chance been there.
Thank you everyone for having me there ^.^

What I can tell, I know that a lot of Indonesian people still think that pole dance is kind of negative activity. I feel you all Indonesian Pole Dancer! I am not sure who started to introduce pole dance at Indonesia before. What I know that Yohanna, she joined IMB before. She was my teacher at Bobbi's Pole Studio Singapore.

I can see the passion on students there when I visited IPPA. I saw how much they want to learn and keep trying hard. Totally awesome! I adore all of them so much! Is not about how good you are. But how much you enjoy and love it. Vicky has such an awesome power and patient to teach. Her endurance was so great. I couldn't catch that hahaha... What a weak person I am... Boooo.... hahaha....

If you are at Jakarta, come and visit their place:
Pole Dance Studio at Fabric Lounge floor 2 Jalan Kemang 1 kav 71-80 Jakarta Selatan Indonesia
Phone & whatsapp +628561596259
BB Pin 7D5E8F73

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