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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A prove that you were sober after party - Handstand


All of us ( pole dancer of course ), we practice like crazy for headstand, elbow stand, and handstand. 
I had a party the night before till morning ( I think I reached home around 7am ). And I went for quick sleep before heading for my pole practice (BA practice ).
I woke up and take shower and I had extra 15 minutes before left home for practicing. So I used that to prove it that I am totally sober (someone gave me a little alcohol so I need to make sure I am not drunk at all LOL ). Here are the result for sober all day except tired. I manage to get it at least 2-3 second.
Not bad haha better than nothing I think :P

The progress that I made for my handstand!!! Yeayyy!!!!

The theory I think I should drink more so maybe I get drunk I can do better than this. Just kidding hahaha

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Querra Mellca said...

HAHAHAHA you know i do things 2x better when im drunk ;P

Ladies Home Journal said...

Hahaha i should try when i am drunk

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