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Monday, September 15, 2014

Studio Sands Singapore


For you all in Singapore that love to experience pole studio. Now we have new comers and I suggested you to try this place. Most of the pole dance studio only available for female, but Studio Sands also available for male. Wohoooo.... Hello guys!!! :D

Me with the owner Yudan and Sandra :D

Studio Sands base on the passion from 2 beautiful sexy ladies, Sandra and Yudan. Both of them think that pole dancing is an escape from our everyday routine, a chance to lose yourself in every practice, where all worldly stress are left outside the closed doors of our studio.
On their studio with 3x 40 mm, 5x 45 mm and 1x 48mm silicone pole to choose based on a first come first serve basis. So all just your choice :)

The place are just so lovely, and clean. I think you will love it as I do :)

Terms are start on 27th September 2014. From 100SGD for 4 lessons over a month.
Visit STUDIO SANDS to book your class now!

What courses that they bring and become unique?

Beginner tide 1
You’re new to pole? Great! Here is the course for you! Through a simple routine, you will learn basic pole spins, how to efficiently climb and sit on the pole. At the end of the course, you should feel your body becoming leaner in preparation for what is to come in Beginner tide 2.
Beginner tide 2
Through this course, you get to really feel the pole and understand basic moves which form the basis of higher level tricks. Pole climbs, sits, layback, handstands and spins will be incorporated into a fun sassy routine. Look at the world at a whole new angle as you are introduced to inverts in Beginner tide 2.
Intermediate tide 1
Feel the music and express yourself as you twirl around a spinny pole. In this course, you will learn to invert from the ground into a spin, on both left and right sides of the pole, ensuring equal development of strength on both sides of your body. You would be comfortable with both inside and outside leg hangs at this level and move on to aerial moves which build the foundation for transitions into higher level tricks.
Intermediate tide 2
Congratulations on getting so far in your pole journey! Push on and impress yourself and your friends as you perform more sophisticated moves with grace and fluidity. Routines now involve tricks much higher on the pole with spin climbs into aerial inverts. Imagine moves that will transform yourself into a butterfly resting on a branch or a dragon wrapped around a branch.
Intermediate tide 3
You pick up familiar tricks here performed by your favorite pole idols. Think jade splits, allegra, ayesha and the likes. Through a routine, you not only learn the moves, you’ll also learn transitions between tricks to ensure a well-rounded performance.
Advanced tide 1
Hey sexy, you have probably well-developed muscles by now and are strong enough to start on tricks which require you to support your weight solely on your arms such as twisted grip Ayesha and handsprings.
This course will bring you to greater heights than ever before. Basically, you learn some more tricks that you can see your favorite idols doing. You are a pole star. You can be considered competition ready upon graduation from this course, with so many tricks and transitions under your belt.
Advanced tide 2
Of course, being strong is only part of the requirements of being a pole dancer, flexibility and grace are equally important too! Tricks at this level require a combination of the both. Not for the faint hearted, the course involves moves such as the Russian split, iron x and janerio.
A course customized for the people who have the tricks but would like to express something that is within them. As compared to lyrical pole, this does not focus on nice lines, execution or musicality of the routine but rather your ability to convey the emotions you want to portray.
Doubles / Couples Pole
Trust in a friend or a partner as you learn to perform tricks that require synchronization, leveraging on each other's weight to create beautiful shapes and lines. This unisex course is for friends as well as couples.
To all guys: Throw away all social stigma. We promise we will make you look cool with handstands and shoulder mount cartwheels that all your pals will be so envious. It'll be a blast!
Choreography Class
Simply because you are unique and you don't want to conform. Join this class to learn a choreography to your favourite song and caters to your strengths.
Kpop Pole Routine
Crazy about kpop? Exude the charm of your kpop idols while working it out on the pole with routines that simply bring out the inner diva in you. Think ‘first love’ by after school.


Early bird, sign up for any course before 13th September 2014  and receive 20SGD off your course fee. Key in: EARLYBIRD when checking out your purchase.

Terms of 'Early Bird' promotion
Please key in code "EARLYBIRD" when prompted for discount code during check-out. Promotion will end on 13 September 2014. Price of S$120 for a Mini-term course will be charged from 14 September onwards. Confirmation of courses are based on payment. Your course is only confirmed after we've received payment and sent you a receipt.

Introduce a friend, bring along your friend October -mini term and you will enjoy 20SGD off the 4 weeks course. Key in: INTROFRIEND when checking out your purchase.

Terms of 'Introduce a friend' promotion
To qualify, you must sign up together with a friend for courses (can be the same course or a separate course).
Step 1: Please key in the full name of your friend in step 1 of the check out process under 'additional comments'.
Step 2: Please key in code "INTROFRIEND" when prompted for discount code during check-out.
Once we have verified that both you and your friend have signed up for the course and payment has been made, we will send you an official receipt that you have successfully registered.

Have Fun Polers !!!

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