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Thursday, April 16, 2015

True Story of being Poledancer (MY STORY)


Not many people know how struggle are we as poledancer. At studio or even as per normal our life (not related with pole or gymnastic life). Yes, we are still normal actually, just normal people didn't see us as normal person LOL

The most question what they like to throw to us. Honestly, I give high RESPECT to the stripper. Why not? Hey, why do you need to judge someone just for what they do. I don't! I will judge you for your own personality, not what you do. Your action will make a judgement for my action too.
Since then for sure they keep calling me "Hey STRIPPER!" Well I don't have to get angry. I saw the real stripper, they were nice person. For me, everyone has they own story. They even have a better personality of caring they friend like one of their family. I believe that human who can think better has a better personality. So I don't give a shit for what people think of me. It's my freedom to learn and get stronger.

2. Struggle with those tricks that need the flexibility and strength
Pole Community is not as big as the other communities. But well said that we are more like a family. We share and care between each other. We need spotter and judges to get out trick become better and better. Most of our talk all about tricks, splits, boobs, butt, muscles and hair flips (actually more than this but I don't want to mention :P hehe )
I remember how struggle I was with my first invert. Even though I already passed that phase, I still struggle with a lot of things. Always has something new to learn. It was so much fun and still so much fun for me.
Psstttt.... POLEDANCE is ADDICTION for sure hahaha
Our addiction can be a creepy for some people. Here is some of the example below:
Hello there!

Hello #polelunatica #balance
Posted by Pole Lunatica on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

3. I can't fit with my old clothes
This is my struggle since I gain muscles. I change my top to loose top and without hands cutting design because it will feel so thigh on my shoulder and arms. I keep complaining about my boobs because its flatten ;( Why oh Why??? Yet even most of my friends said I have nice butt now, most of them didn't know that I can't fit to my old pants, thigh jeans, and skirt anymore. I can't fit in my butt anymore and I need to change it with a lot of stretchable legging or pants.
Stretchable clothes are my favorite choice now 

4. Don't complain about all bruises, scars, injuries and my new SMELLS
Hahahaha when normal people see me, they think that I get abuse by my boyfriend. My parents complain about my scars, said that I didn't look like a girl anymore. They think I become a fighter or something with some gangster hmmm... Doctor complains about "how many injuries that you want to have?" And friends (not poledancer obviously) will complain my new smells because it's koyo and balsam smells (brand: SALONPAS, TIGERBALM, PANAFLEX or ARNICARE). We do stock more on ice pad or heat pad for all our injuries hahahaha  

There's a lot that I want to share. But I think you will fed up to read it so yeahhh... I stop it till here first at the moment hehehe

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