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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Injuries ain't nice at all!


It has been sometimes that I didn't update except my instagram hehe Sorry, it's not because I have forgotten about this blog but I have been so busy. And then I got injured when I did strecth for my splits, after that injured from climbing, and the last one injured from pole photoshoot lol...
I know that I am too lousy on it :p
I took rest from some of my activities including pole class.

Oh I already start my new class. I learn some of the new tricks but haven't had a change to take photo hehe 
There's one nice trick that I posted on my instagram.
It calls "human flag".

Haven't master it yet. Because I just learn this trick hehe
Now i am trying to get back into the flexibility routine. I know that I will start over again from zero and will get slowly until I really heal from the injuries.

Any suggestions for me? Since I am not an expert.
That will be great if we can share and help each others ^.^

Hope you all having a great day!

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