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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Loving Pole doesn't make me STOP!


Just back to the routine after feeling better from my injuries. Slow but sure I gonna catch up what I missed. So now I am back with my bendy back. Keep on trying though!


I have been so upset about my own body. But I also don't want to give up. I want to be better and better every single time. Talk about injuries. Yes I have a knee problem which can make it straight like the normal people. I also had a ankle injured from last year and it's effect me on walking, dance, even I can't run anymore. But I just don't care. Shoulder injured when I was younger. That's why my right hand can't touch my back like the left hand. I think I still have many injuries and still never cares and just do it and keep do it until I can't do it any more.
There's my love to my activities, and of course also with pole. 

I do believe that I can do it as good as you all eventhough will all injuries that I have it from last time and now. I still on recovering but also don't want to give up. You all my inspiration. How can I easy to give up. Just give me some information and support. I will be stronger than before!
So, what is your story?


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