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Monday, October 21, 2013



I actually almost recover from my sprain but it's back again now ;( 
It's okay for me since I know I always never ever couldn't stop to practice for totally stop.
I call this as LOVE. I love my UP SIDE DOWN life for sure! :)

Pole dance gave me strength, confidence and life!
Being pole dancer is not an easy thing since a lot of people always judging it with very negatively.
Because they are never tried it so they never know how's the feeling to learn the tricks and how bad and good feeling from learning and in the end makes me really falling in love into it!

It's not for being such a pro or expert person, I just love to learn it and enjoy all the things.
So many pole dancer already being my inspiration.
I learnt more than the tricks it self actually. "RESPECT and GRATEFUL!"

Yesterday is my last class of my term from intermediate 3 at Bobbi's Pole Studio Singapore.
But I haven't did any assigment to go to the preparation advance.
I wish I can pass it but now my injury is back. So maybe I will skip first ;(

But hey, here some of my photo of the day hehe

I don't know what you call this but my friend said is a "DVD Cover" LOL

And for what I know this one is Extended Butterfly. 
Correct me if I am wrong! ^.^ 
Extended butterfly

See our cheeky face? :p 

Pretty up set about my own condition but I won't give up for it!
Like what I do believe: "SMALL PROGRESS is STILL A PROGRESS!"


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