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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Bring me there "Bendy Back" !


When the other pole dancer already move forward to get the new awesome tricks, I am still stuck with my own mission for the bendbacks and splits. Okay today I won't say anything about my splits first.
Still try recover from the injury! ;(
That's why I move to the bendback.

I still struggle to get bendy back. I know that I am not a flexible person but I still need to have a try right? So far that I can do is this super lousy cocoon trick hahaha

It really takes time to get there. And I haven't felt any improvement on my self about it. But I have move backward improvement though ;( *so sad!

Not sure how I can do it better for it but what I know just more practice and practice. I had so much pain on this bendy back. 

FYI: my left leg still pain from the last injured T.T What a shame!
So, it may caused I can't really get a nice cocoon trick. Not sure about that because this reason just an excuse for my self lol...

Do you know how to get it right? I found it so painful to my lower back nerves. And always get cramps on my legs for sure.

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