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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Blog Hop: The Best of 2013


December! Yeayyy... My favorite month ever when I really feel the Holiday mood for every single year of December ^.^

I started learning how to do pole around 1 year ago and still go on now. Up and down I have been through a lot of things, and I still love it. A lot of thing that I got from pole. From something that I never thought that I could do it until I can do it even not perfect or master on it. ^.^ 
I am so happy about my own self now.

Talking about "THE BEST" that I got is really not easy because I really got a lot of things from it.

  1. Stronger
  2. Flexibility
  3. Body toning
  4. Happy
  5. Feels AWESOME!
  6. etc
IPC 2013

I think this is the best that I got from December 2013. Why not??? I could watch it with my own eyes and I felt my heart was beating so awesome when I watch them all on the stage. I still can feel it until now.

Congratulations to the winners ^.^

Women’s Division:
Natasha Wang – Ultimate Pole Champion
Rafaela Montanaro – Pole Art Champion
Pink Puma (Polina Volchek) – Pole Fit Champion

Men’s Division
Derick Pierson – Ultimate Pole Champion

Oleksandr Shchukin – Pole Fit Champion

Steven Retchless – Pole Art Champion

Doubles Division
Enchanted – Ultimate Pole Champions
Mina and Nadia – Pole Fit Champion
Suzie Q and Toby J – Pole Art Champion

Masters Division 
Joanna Littlewood-Johnson – Ultimate Pole Champion
Greta Pontarelli – Pole Art Champion
Joanna Derybowska – Pole Fit Champion

Disabled Division 
Eri Kamimoto – Ultimate Pole Champion
Deb Roach – Silver 

That was so awesome for me! I want to watch it back next year for sure ^.^ Really glad can watch it live!


They are really inspired me a lot. I met this awesome ladies who are really kind and nice also inspiring me to become as good as them. One day I will become my own-self who also can inspired a lot of people, same like what they do to me ^.^
Me and my friend with Michelle Shimmy
Michelle Shimmy is my favorite to learn that how sexy you are. Now I can respect my own body, I mean I wasn't happy with my self. Not confidence enough! But now, I am okay with that. I want to be as sexy as Shimmy one day ^.^ Inspiration to get a nice bump like her hehehe
She is very nice and kind person. Love her so much!

My friend and me with Rafaela Montanaro
Rafaela Montanaro is the sexy lady, very strong and she is such a super nice lady. Glad that I can had a shot with her ^.^ And congratulation for winning the Pole Art Champion! Super strong lady! One day I want to make my self as strong as her.

My friend and me with Lou Landers
Lou Lander is one of the pole superstar. She is rock though hehehe Such a fun person!

Jacinta's Handstand Workshop at Bobbi's Pole Studio Singapore

Jacinta and me
Yup, I joined her Hand Stand Workshop because I really want to learn how to do handstand lol Her workshop was very fun. Jacinta is the cute person, energetic and fun! I am glad can join her workshop.
me and Deb
Deb Roach is my inspiration how not to underestimate your self. She is very down to earth person, very kind and very nice, also so strong. When I watched her performance on the IPC Stage. I was crying happily to see her. There's something on her that I really love. "Never Give Up!" I am so glad can meet her at Yoga Movement and did the morning yoga power with her. She is such a strong woman. I really adore her so much!

I know that everything come with a hard work. Nothing is that easy!
With them all as my inspiration, I learn a lot of things. So, I won't give up easily for what I already start. I remember my own passion about it! Like them all, with love on the pole, they really prove it and achieve the medals from my own meaning of winning ^.^


I still have some goal that I haven't achieved yet by this year but I will try harder to get it on the next year.
Yes, the splits... I almost can do it but I get the injury which is now I couldn't make it. Not even close. Yes, I am moving backward now. I had been so sad but I want to move on and give it a try on my self to start over again from ZERO! Once again, "Never Give Up!"

Small Progress is still a Progress! With patient, practice, and hard work, one day I will make my own goals will come true!

This post is written for the December Pole Dance Blog Hop, a monthly blogging event that unites the global network of independent Pole Dance Bloggers around a common theme. The goal is for each participant to write about the group topic with their own unique perspective. To read other December Blog Hop entries, click here!

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adAstra said...

I would love to see a pole competition someday, too--sounds like you had an incredible experience! I hope you heal fast. Waiting to heal is so frustrating; right now I can't work on my splits either and it's been over a month since I had my baby. Maybe working on back flexibility can help you stay motivated with flexibility until you can work on splits?

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